In October 2016 I entered the internship program at Maga Design as a Production Intern, which subsequently lead to a Graphic Designer position. Throughout my time at Maga Design I provided support for the Design team  spearheaded projects and became the point person for production support. Below you will see a compilation of some of the work I have created at Maga Design.

Brand Refresh

As lead of the Brand Refresh, our first task after auditing the brand was to create a comprehensive Style Guide. This style guide outlines the new visual direction for Maga Design, and provided comprehensive use cases for the new brand.

Style Guide

Two Spreads.png

Presentation Decks

Tear Sheets and Case Studies

Tear Sheets.jpg

In order to better assist the Business Development Team, we created modular templates that relied on different sections for content. The sections could be switched out or modified as needed. This way the Business Development teams has a cohesive set of tear sheets and case studies to present at new business opportunities. 

Presentations .jpg

To go along with the new, playful branding, we revamped Maga Design's internal presentations. The new presentations relied more heavily on imagery and graphics to supplement the content that was being presented.


EverCurated is a website that showcases a product selection curated by Magateers. Below are some of the graphics that accompany the reviews.


Social Media and Advertising




Product + Space Photography

Working with various creative teams around the office, we developed a comprehensive gallery of custom stock photos.

Jones Lang LaSalle

In March of 2018, I became a designer for JLL’s Business Development team, where I created various types of marketing materials, and helped create, and oversee the creation of templates in accordance with JLL’s updated branding.


One Pagers



Dina Goldstein Internship

In August 2015, I entered an Internship Program for Photographer and Visual Artist Dina Goldstein. I assisted her in various duties around the studio as well as lending my Graphic Design skills to help create various print graphics that are pivotal to her business. Below you can see samples of some of the graphics I created for Dina Goldstein during my internship.

Shipping Labels 




Mailing Labels




Further Branding

Business Card
Photo: Dina Goldstein

Posters for Art Basel 2015

Book Design
Photo: Dina Goldstein



(2015 Thesis Project)

ROOM is an online mental health support network, where Emily Carr University students can anonymously  seek out mental health support. Support is given to students by students all while retaining complete confidentiality  through a moderated site.

ROOM allows students to receive support through one on one chats, forums and image sharing boards in order to have multiple outlets in which to effectively express themselves.

ROOM Introduction Video

ROOM Exhibition at Emily Carr University of
Art + Design in May 2015

Mountain-Stone Studio

Mountain-Stone Studio, was a website created to accompany West Vancouver Artist's debut show. Mountain Stone Studio showcases the artist's archives, as well as current news on their newest projects and shows.

To compliment the artist's striking style, the website was designed in a minimal style. Using accent colours taken from their painting, while still keeping the focus on the art rather than the mechanics of the website.

Alongside the website, some print material was created for the artist's first show, this included business cards and postcards.



The STEMI App is a prototype cross-platform app created for Vancouver Coastal Health. In order to help medical practitioners better monitor and track patients being treated for a Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack).

The STEMI App was designed to be used when treating a patient suffering from a Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). The application would help Medical Practitioners diagnose the patient faster and keep track of the treatment time. Ideally a STEMI patient should be treated within 90 minutes in order to get the best results and ensure the patient will not be re-admitted for further STEMI related illnesses. 

Stemi ED.png

The STEMI App is designed to work alongside the patient as he or she is treated for STEMI. The STEMI App is accessed by the Emergency Department where they can document the patient's symptoms and time elapsed between transportation and treatment. 


Once the patient has been taken to a Cardiac Hospital, the patient is taken in the Cath Lab. Once the patient is admitted into the Cath Lab, the STEMI app then transitions into the Cath tab where the time of the Cath Lab Activation, Surgery and Deployment of First Device are recorded. The Medical Practitoners can voice record notes, treatment and complications. 


Once the patient is out of the Cath Lab and is taken into the Coronary Care Unit, the timer is stopped once the patient arrives. There's also room for notes, treatment and monitoring. The patient's data is then saved and can then be exported to the VCH's Oracle database.